Enjoy rocking your hair!!

Hey girls!!

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I love that I can rock my curls one day, straighten it the next, and then switch it up with a protective style. I can go several weeks without repeating the same hairstyle. From twist-outs, braids, perm rod sets, updos, and buns, I have rocked my hair many ways. You don’t have to stop with the hairstyles either. You can jazz up your hair with turbans, hair jewelry, and so much more.



Let me tell you something, one thing that I love now is that I don’t have to fear the rain, who is with me? When I was relaxed, I was so afraid of the rain, because if any molecule of water touched my relaxed hair, I was done. Now that I love water and I embrace the volume that comes with moisture… I love volume!


I can say that when my hair was relaxed, it was not as healthy as it is in its natural state. Now that I am natural, I notice that my hair is much healthier and does not break off like it did when I had a relaxer and I think that is more because I care more about it, before I used to go to the beauty salon and I was okay with whatever they did with my hair, but now it is different, now I love my hair, I take care of it myself and that’s what make the difference.

I shouldn’t have to say this but you should love you hair because it’s beautiful, that’s it.  For the reasons I mentioned before and more. Your hair is yours, everyone’s hair is different and unique and because of it, it is beautiful.

Thanks for coming along with me and let me know your opinion, it is important for me.



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