TRESemmé Botanique Curl Hydration Conditioner & ACV

Hey girls!!

This time is about this new TRESemmé conditioner. I have long time using these products and I have no complaints so far, so when I saw this new product caught my attention and bought it to see how works in my hair. It is a Shea butter and Hibiscus flower conditioner, no dyes or parabens.

The first time I used it I didn’t feel my hair soft at all and it didn’t make it easy to untangle my hair like the others conditioners of the same brand. Since I had bought the large I had to use it in some way, and what better way to use it than with apple cider vinegar 🙂 so in a separate container I put conditioner and a bit of vinegar and I mixed it and guess what? It made my hair softer than ever, yeiii !!

I already have two weeks using it after washing my hair with shampoo as usual, but this last time I washed my hair only with the mix of the conditioner and the vinegar and I must confess that it was the first time I washed my hair in this way and although not yet I feel comfortable, the hair was clean after it.

So this is how I’m using  my conditioner that at first I thought It didn’t work for me. Everything is a matter of the type of hair, as I have always said what works for one does not work for others, although the conditioner is a very good idea if you are one of those who no longer are using shampoo to wash the hair. The conditioner doesn’t have a strong smell and the smell of vinegar doesn’t stay in the hair.

I love TRESemmé products and this is no a exception.

Thanks for coming along with me and let me know your opinion, it is important for me.




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