Culottes pants

Hey girls!!

Let’s talk a little about the Culottes, it look like skirts in some cases, but they are pants. It is like a combination between dress shorts and palazzo.


The only thing is that wearing culottes pants is not easy and you have to take many things in mind when you wearing them.

For medium height people it is good to always to have in mind to wear heels, cropped tops, bodies to mark the waist so the silhouette can be defined.

Using stilettos definitely gives you a more sophisticated look and stylizes the figure, but even if you prefer comfort it is worth wearing flats, and in many cases I have seen them in sneakers shoes and they look great.

One thing, 90% of the Asian women I see on Vancouver use these types of pants and whenever I see them is with sneakers shoes or flats, and the truth is that they know how to wear them almost always.

For work, with your flats or heels, a blazer, tight blouse and conquer the world, and why not a few drinks with friends after work 😉





Thanks for coming along with me and let me know your opinion about this type of pants.




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