Oversized clothes

Hi girls!!

I’m the fan number 1 of oversized clothes, love it, love it… I like to feel comfortable and I was one of those who used to wear mommy blouses 😀 and now boyfriend shirts.

When it comes to looking perfect, size always matters… well, not anymore because oversized clothes  if you wear it in the right way can also look just as chic as the trendy ones.



For a long time the skin tight clothes have been in power in the fashion world but now oversize is stepping up and breaking all the fashion rules and is making clothing comfy, yeiii!! Now you don’t have to worry about to eat dessert during the dinner 😉

If you take care of how to wear it everything will be fine, add a little shape, accessorizing with a belt or tucking the top. For petite women is better a bigger top than the bottoms and for curvy women don’t wear anything too wide because this can work against them.

Try to keep the accessories minimal for example instead a a big shoulder bag, opt for a clutch or something like that. In conclusion, if you wear oversized clothes, less is more.





Thanks for coming along with me and let me know your opinion about the oversized clothes.




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